Sarnia Ballroom Dancing Club
Come Dance With Us!

Dance Lessons

- Each session consists of 10 dance lessons, subject to school gym availability
- Cost per session - $100/couple

Free student practice nights are included with the lessons.


Spring 2017

Classes start week of March 27 and will end week of May 29, inclusive.
The session will consist of 10 weekly 1 hour classes, along with weekly practices sessions.

Early registration is recommended with the mail-in form.
Registrations are also accepted at the first/second sessions, for those that have not pre-registered by mail.

Spring 2017 Registration Form

Class descriptions, along with dates, times and locations are described on the Registration Form.


Our Dance instructors are

Rey and Susanna Montemayor,
Don and Helen Truong,
Christine Rail and Alec Ip


Note that instruction and practice classes are only held when the school location is open on the day of our scheduled event.
For the full year school calendar, click on Lambton Kent ELEMENTARY and SECONDARY SCHOOL YEAR CALENDAR 2016-2017